Audience Development Workshop June 5th

Our goals for this collaborative workshop are to work together to develop tools, skills, and understanding in the interest of increasing audiences, attracting new attendees, and developing successful programs for implementation with the resources we have.

Family: In loving memory of Big Don and Lovelace McNelley

I have been married two times. My first marriage was with a handsome young man, a surfer, a southern California sun-bleached blonde, with a big smile and lots of good humor and a warm and welcoming family. They happened to be from Alabama, and as my first husband and I got acquainted in our early twenties, we read it as a “sign” that our mothers were cheerleaders in rival high schools in Lower Alabama, and that our fathers were both from the Birmingham area and Air Force attorneys. Fate!

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New Release Now Available for Pre-Order

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA (March 24, 2017) – Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band have announced the pre-order for their new album, Baby Let’s Take the Long Way Home. Featuring 10 new songs and two choice covers, the collection will arrive April 21 on Whippoorwill Arts. In addition, the single “Baby Let’s Take the Long Way Home” will be available as an instant grat track upon pre-order.

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Martin Guitar Company

For a few years I worked as a clinician for the Martin Guitar Company. My picking buddy Dix Bruce and I toured up and down the #westcoast doing in-store clinics. It was a blast, getting to play the finest guitars in the world–a dream job.

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Creating Refuge for Introverts: Meditation and Qigong

My name is Nell Robinson and my partner, Jim Nunally and I have a band that is performing in Kansas City next week at the Folk Alliance International Conference.  Jim and I also have a new music and arts company, Whippoorwill Arts, and an activist project called the Music Home Project. Howdy, nice to make your acquaintance!

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1946 D-18 Martin Guitar by Jim Nunally

“In 1986 I came upon a cool-looking, beat-up old 1946 D-18 Martin Guitar in a pawn shop in Vallejo, California. I would go into that place now and again because I worked a few years earlier as a welder at Kaiser Steel shipyard in Vallejo. I asked the guy how much for the guitar. He said he didn’t know because it was a friend of his who was storing it there.

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Love Affair

Our new album East features songs inspired by favorite novels. The Cat’s Table (Michael Oondatje) inspired Tempest, The Summer Book (Tove Jannson) the song Sophia, and Snow Hunters (Paul Yoon), Tree. My great-grandfather’s poem My Soul is put to music as well.

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