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Nell & Jim Band: Jim Nunally, songwriter, guitar, banjo; Nell Robinson, songwriter, flute, vocals; Rob Reich, accordion; Jim Kerwin, bass fiddle; Jon Arkin, percussion.
Nell & Jim Band: Nell Robinson, composer, vocals; Jim Nunally, composer, banjo, vocals; Rob Reich, organ; Jim Kerwin, bass fiddle; Jon Arkin, percussion.

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2016 Special EP Series


Nell & Jim released their four-part, five-song EP series named after the four cardinal points on a compass—North, South, East, and West. 

When placed together, the back covers of the four releases form one piece of art. Physical copies will be available for purchase for only $5 at all live shows.

We are excited about releasing a series of eclectic new works with a super talented band. We pay homage to great artists like George Jones, Buck Owens, Tammy Wynette, while our original songs like ‘Mirror’ take folk music in an entirely new direction. We aren’t just following a path; we are paving a new one.
— Jim Nunally
Hey, five is the magic number this year, it’s a number that signifies change and grace,” added Nell Robinson. “Five songs per album for $5, five jazzed musicians … and I turn 55 this spring!
— Nell Robinson