History & Mission


Whippoorwill Arts Projects:

Whippoorwill Arts is an arts production and performance company founded by Jim Nunally and Nell Robinson. Thus far, the projects include a revolving cast of musical and artistic friends and ideas, with the sole purpose of nurturing and expressing our creativity and the creativity of the folks we respect and love from the roots community. We believe in the power of collaboration and we have been inspired this year particularly to reach out to other organizations and artists to create together, including Deering Banjos for our new Banjo Boy Coffee, FreshGrass Foundation for our exciting new Artists Awards, Ashkenaz and several other art and music non-profits creating a new East Bay Arts Roundtable. A couple of years ago we were able to raise some funds and financial commitments to help fuel our activism, ideas, and partnerships. We have gotten tremendous joy from recommending grants and resources for the organizations and artists we believe in. This is a time for showing up, standing up, stepping into the fray, being clear and public about our values. We are integrating the many parts of our creative lives, from our own songwriting, performances and productions, to our philanthropy, activism and community-building projects.

About The Artist Awards Program:

The Whippoorwill Arts FreshGrass Awards celebrate the musical accomplishments, extraordinary talent, community spirit and creative soul of two artists.  


★ $25,000 unrestricted grant

★ Featured performance Summer 2018 for a Whippoorwill Arts FreshGrass event in Bay Area of Northern California

★ Featured performance Fall 2018 Fresh Grass Music Festival at MassMOCA, North Adams, MA

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