OneMic: The Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band

This OneMic session showcases the "folkbilly" sound of The Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally Band.

The Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band brings five genre-busting artists together to bring joyful music infused with folk, bluegrass, americana, roots, swing, jazz, and the blues. Alt-Roots, Folkbilly – whatever you call it – it’s original, well done, and a pleasure to hear. Featuring Pete Grant on pedal steel, Jim Kerwin on bass fiddle and Jon Arkin on percussion. This is truly an all-star band.

The first five OneMic Sessions were recorded at 25th Street Recording in Oakland. It’s a new and very beautiful studio that worked great for the OneMic recordings. Unfortunately, due to a booking snafu I had to move the Nell and Jim session to Fantasy Studios in Berkeley at the last minute. Turns out it was a blessing in disguise because I had the opportunity to hear this process with entirely different room acoustics at play. 25th Street Recording is a large live room and Studio B at Fantasy Studios is small and somewhat dead room. Because the room reminded me of the famous Sun Studios in Memphis I put the mic in the middle of the room and asked the band to balance themselves without headphones. Within minutes we were recording and the two song session ended in less than three hours. So what I learned is “liver” rooms, although they can sound great, are harder to get a balance in.
— John Cunibert
suzanne sarto