UKULELE BLEND: This light roast blend has the classic Kona flavor profile, taste the air and smell the sea 'round the islands, bright overtones with hues of honey. 

FOUR STRING BLEND: This medium roast of single origin beans from Africa has uncanny blueberry overtones, it‘s got the taste to match the tempo and tone for your favorite tune, be it ragtime, swing, folk or Irish. 

FIVE STRING BLEND: A medium roasted coffee. In the tonal spectrum this blend has the pickup often desired to get you up to tempo and rolling along, its rich blend of nutty, woody character, is a great way start the day—wake up the taste buds and the fingers for rolling bluegrass. 

SIX STRING BLEND: This dark roast blend of beans from Indonesia and Africa has sweet, cherry and chocolate overtones—rich, smooth, finger-pickin' smooth tone.

DECAF BLEND: Same great quality and flavor without the caffeine.


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