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It’s not very often when an unheralded release completely sweeps you, but the five track EP by the Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band will do just that.
— STEVE MARINUCCI, Beatles Columnist, SF Examiner
…gorgeously harmonizing duo, Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally, roots musicians whose songs blur the boundaries of country, folk, and bluegrass, have come up with something novel to keep their fans’ attention and perhaps rope in some new ones. In April, the released a five-song EP. In June, they’ll release another five-songs, and then five more in August and again in September.
There’s an earthiness to these cuts that will almost make you think you are listening to some alternate cuts from a Carter Family session from the 1930s. The writing and the instrumentation are that much old-school sounding that it will no doubt take you back.
— Chuck Dauphin, Billboard, Music News Nashville
Though personally penned tales such as “Complicated” and “Home’s Where I Long To Be” highlighted everyone’s seasoned abilities, their ability to change between the styles of Buck Owens, The Beatles, Johnny Cash and Doc Watson on a dime was even more impressive. And somewhere in between the land of originals and remakes came “Turn Your Smart Phone On,” a post-millennial take on the similarly named bluegrass standard that injected some humor into this hearty display of somewhat under the radar artists more than worthy of the airtime.
— ANDY ARGYRAKIS, Chicago Concert Reviews
I was quite startled by the
sheer purity of their voices, and 
stark arrangements of these songs,
 and the gorgeous lyrics.
— All Music Guide
Heretofore unexplored metaphors and similes 
abound in this bouncy tune (Life in the Garden) that should put 
Robinson (think somewhere between Emmy Lou Harris and 
Patty Griffin) and Nunally, as writers and singers, on the map. 
A fun tune that will make a bunch of songwriters 
wonder why they didn’t think of that!
— RICK MOORE, American Songwriter

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