STEEL, the new album by the Nell & Jim Band, co-produced by John Cuniberti, opens up the band’s bluegrass- and country-inspired sound and explodes into new sonic territory with the addition of accordion, keyboard and flute. Nell and Jim’s distinctive vocals and harmonies deepen with the added voices of Jim Kerwin and Jon Arkin. The title track is the story of 20-year-old Jim Nunally working as a welder for Kaiser Steel— “dreaming of a guitar in my hands”—going from the oil rig and shipyard to the bars to play guitar every night.

Jim Nunally (vocals, guitar, banjo); Nell Robinson (vocals, mini-flute, piccolo); Jim Kerwin (bass fiddle, harmony); Rob Reich (accordion, keyboard, glockenspiel); Jon Arkin (percussion, harmony), and special guest artist Peter Grant (pedal steel) on Man at the Mill.

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