(Nell Robinson, BMI)

Love is life and the heart its home
No matter how far you have roamed
Holding the days of our small world
Every breath a prayer, heard and answered

Through creeks I’ve stumbled in despair
In rushing waters, my heart repaired
Filled to the brim by tears not wept
Deep in the woods that stole my breath


Every line and scar hard-earned
Etched ever deeper for how I’ve yearned
Echoes of laughter, the dreamt caress
Recall the kin of whom I’m bereft

This day too shall course through us
Thrumming memories of the blood and dust
Those we have loved and those who have left
Take root within us from birth to death

My days grow short my world gone by
Life’s slowing drumbeat frees a sigh
This very moment is heaven-sent
For I’ve truly loved to my heart’s content